Create Your Life Plan Based on Infinite Possibilities


As we evolve our thinking and decide to consciously create the lives and lifestyles of our desires, our next step is creating this lifestyle beyond what even we can currently imagine.

 Create your life plan based on infinite possibilities.

What does this mean?

Go beyond any idea that your egoic mind can imagine.

Go beyond anything that is currently possible if you want.

Go beyond what society says is “impossible” if need be.

Simply design your life, your dreams, from a place of infinite possibilites knowing that as you evolve, so will your infinite ideas.

Take Richard Branson for example.

Richard Branson is best known for being an English business magnate building a business conglomerate of over 400 businesses…

But, what we also know about Richard Branson is his unique ability to enjoy life, live life to the fullest, enjoying his lifestyle and creating his life plan based on infinite possibilities.

The greatest example, is his Virgin Galactic project.

Virgin Galactic is Richard Branson’s dream of commercial space flight starting back in 1969 as he watched the Moon landings with his parents and sisters in their living room.

His dream grew and over the next 43 years, Richard has consistently stepped forward in his quest to demonstrate this dream.

Do you think people told him he was crazy?

Do you think he, at times, thought he, himself was crazy?  I kind of doubt it.  I don’t believe a man who builds a vision like he has and continues to do, ever doubts what he is capable of achieving.

He simply stepped forward over the years towards something that seemed impossible…yet, he pursued it anyway.

Now, 43 years later, look at how far he’s come:

Nothing sums up this post better than Congressman, Steve Pearce’s quote from the video, “It’s about us and our ability to generate visions. It’s about us as people to be able to overcome every obstacle that falls in front of us…” …no matter what, to achieve our dreams.

It’s about us creating our life plans, our life visions and stopping at nothing to achieve them.

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