I’m Coming Out of the Closet


There are certain times in one’s life where a pivotal shift occurs.

They are the times we tell our grandchildren about and can usually identify these times as a catalyst to big things that were to come as we look back on it.

Well, as one’s awareness changes, he or she will recognize these shifts as they occur and wait with excited anticipation knowing the catalyst it is.

One of those shifts happened this past weekend at The Journey Retreat in Vernonia, OR.

I live passionately for life.  I continue to grow, educate myself and surround myself with only those who inspire, motivate and love me.  I don’t waste time being around energy suckers…I politely excuse myself from their presence.

That said, I have hidden behind this blog as a way to encourage others to live passionately and create their own epic revolutions in their lives, however, I haven’t delved into the true reason why my own ‘epic revolution’ occurred.

I’ve beat around the bush with who I am and only scratched the surface of who I am and what I can offer people.

Quite honestly, I offer people who meet me a hell of a lot more than how to market your website.  Even more honest, talking about that stuff doesn’t float my boat.

What does float my boat is talking about how my life started to change…drastically, I might add, when I implemented something into my life just a couple of short years ago…


There it is.  I’m out of the closet and proud of it.

I hid my spirituality for  so long fearful that my Irish-Catholic family would think I moved to California, drank the “Kool-Aid” and became a tree-hugger, or my friends who knew me as the US Weekly/Reality Show junkie would think I was putting on my own reality show, which we know, is kinda fake.

I no longer give a rat’s ass what people think.

Love me or hate me…

…I’m a better mother for my Spiritual growth (a MUCH better one, I might add), I’m a better person, and to take a note from Stewart Smally, ‘gosh darn it…I like myself!”

I am spiritual.  I don’t worship spirits, I don’t ‘fly’ around with fairies and unicorns, and I sure as hell don’t wear patchuli oil…I highly dislike the scent of the stuff.

I do meditate, I do believe we are all connected by a higher power, and I don’t care what you call it…i.e. God, Spirit, Source, etc.

My journey of spirituality has lead me to an awareness of synchronicities that I am blown away by.

An intention at the beginning of 2012 to grow my Spiritual community beyond my kick-ass one at the Center for Spiritual Living, led to a random email that manifested into a community that I could not have imagined for myself.

An awareness now that a hugely devastating event in my life was the catalyst for some of the biggest and brightest opportunities for change that I am now grateful to have experienced.

Coming out doesn’t change what I do…it simply changes my verbiage.

It changes how I communicate and teach my message because my ‘epic revolution’ would not have been epic, nor revolutionary, should it have been without my Spirituality.

It’s a big part of who I am and it must be a big part of what I teach.  I feel an intuitive desire within that I am meant to teach what has “saved” me from myself and truly opened my life to an understanding of infinite possibilities…

I started my business to be true to myself.  I believe there is a place for Spirituality in business.  If it ‘ain’t’ for you, then this is no longer the blog to hang out at.  If it is, this is certainly the start of an epic journey together.

…and I’m here to share how I can help you open yourself to the infinite possibilities that lie within you…

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