“Dirty Virgin” Author Jessica Sitomer Speaks About Living Her Truth


Jessica Sitomer is a screenwriter, romantic comedy addict, and Virgin Drink connoisseur. She has produced three television shows and enjoys working her family members into them whenever possible. Still single, no kids, but has a big dog.

She is also my friend.

What I loved most when I first met Jessica was her energy…she was high-energy, yet not the frenetic energy that makes you walk away with a twitch, she was fun as hell, but also has a keen business sense….

…plus, I might add, she loves country music and I was sold on her the minute we broke into few bars of Kenny Chesney together!

In this interview, I learned a whole lot more about Jessica that showed me that I hadn’t even touched the tip of the iceberg in those first few meetings we had.

What I learned in today’s interview was a whole deeper side of Jessica, and how, her book, “Dirty Virgin” truly was the culmination of her living her truth…following her intuition and living her life completely authentic to how SHE wanted to live it.

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…then, listen in as we chat about getting out of our comfort zones, the evolution of business, and living one’s truth!

(see if you can tell when my four year old decides to make an appearance and I had to wrangle him away from the computer!…ahh, the luxuries of being a mom and building a biz from home!)

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