The philosophy of “Science of Mind” has had a drastic impact on Vidette’s life.

As a member of the Center for Spiritual Living – Capistrano Valley and student of the philosophy, Vidette has transformed her thinking, creating a very different life from years prior.  She has experienced great strides in her life both in her physical world, but more importantly, on the inside.

Vidette has dedicated her life to taking this philosophy to the world using current technology.  She offers her lectures via online video streaming, as well as,  in-person locations.

Vidette breaks down “Science of Mind” into small, practical, easy-to-follow lessons to slowly introduce the philosophy to others.

Vidette believes her passion for the transformation ‘SOM’ will bring to the world, her love of speaking, and the worldwide platform of the internet will create a global shift of inspired, peaceful, and anxiety-free people across the world.

Why should you tune in to these lectures?

  • You were brought up in organized religion, still feel a connection with your Higher Power (whatever name you give it), but no longer wish to be a part of a religious organization.

  • Would like to explore a deeper Spiritual way of living…simply connecting to the Higher Power within.

  • You are interested in the “Law of Attraction,” and would like to learn more, in-depth principles about the Law.


  • You are experiencing great challenge in your life and are filled with worry and anxiety and are looking for freedom from that way of living.
  • You believe every person, every thing, in the world is connected in a deeper way and are ready to explore this deeper connection.
  • You are ready to take control of your own life and no longer want to “settle” for the life you have been living.
  • You wish to learn the “Science of Mind” in bite-size lessons so you better understand how to implement the philosophy into your own life.

Upcoming Lectures:

Date:  Saturday, February 25th

Time: 9 a.m. – 10 a.m.

Location: Online Video Streaming / Phone

CLICK HERE to Access the Online Streaming on that Day


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