The Natural Evolution of Business


I talk about this all the time…ALL the time!

You can call me a broken record if you’d like, however, I would like to explain that I keep talking about this because THIS IS THE BIGGEST HANG UP FOR WOMEN I SPEAK TO!

They have a silent whisper to do something, but because they don’t know what that something exactly is, they do nothing!!

In this week’s VidetteV TV episode, I’m sharing how businesses evolve from one idea to the next.  Any desires a woman has doesn’t necessarily start with a clear game plan…in fact, they rarely do.

They tend to start with a simple “whisper,” that when recognized, simply takes one step forward to evolve.  Even though the path isn’t obvious, it simply evolves with each step.

I wanted to share an example of how this is occurring RIGHT NOW in my own business.  This is a perfect example of how we simply allow the next step to come naturally…

Your turn!

In the comments below, share your silent whispers…what are those little ‘nudges’ you get that you’d like to act on but are unsure of where to start…let’s start a conversation!

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